Babysitters club.

River boat.

Long time no see! Happy autumn!

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In a psychedelic mood. Final project for photo class.

I’m trying to find his inner wolf.

Baby shower madness. I’m going to be an aunt for the millionth time. Get here soon, River.

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Queen of Lake Argyle.

Walksies before the next Arctic Blast decides to grace the Midwest with its presence.

"The Importance of Bath Time"

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In an intro film photography class with one of the rudest, sarcastic, and menacing professors that I have ever encountered. Fall semester please be over soon.

Team Awesome.

hluth23 ,as promised :) Pictures of your awesome dog. I’m sorry they weren’t up here sooner! It was great meeting you at the dog park, and hopefully my dog Bo and I will see you both again sometime!