Queen of Lake Argyle.

Walksies before the next Arctic Blast decides to grace the Midwest with its presence.

"The Importance of Bath Time"

This guy.

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In an intro film photography class with one of the rudest, sarcastic, and menacing professors that I have ever encountered. Fall semester please be over soon.

Team Awesome.

hluth23 ,as promised :) Pictures of your awesome dog. I’m sorry they weren’t up here sooner! It was great meeting you at the dog park, and hopefully my dog Bo and I will see you both again sometime!

hluth23 asked: Did any of those pictures of Danny turn out good from the dog park?

Hey there! A couple of em came out pretty good :) I’m gonna fix up the color a bit and send em to ya later this week! Thanks for remembering!

A Halloween party never kicked so much ass.

My morning.

Tongue freckle. Hard to see :)

ELIZABETH WEINBERG BLOG: A response to the Sexism in Photography thing ›



Some press the discussion has gotten recently: PDN, A Photo Editor, and Daniel Shea’s original post. I was going to wait until Daniel had compiled other responses, but decided to post mine here first.

I would like to note that I can already see that the female responses across…